Godlan is a leading professional manufacturing services company that has been implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focused, integrated technology solutions since 1984. These solutions are offered in the latest technology platforms and support the implementation of world-class processes and practices throughout a manufacturing organization.

In addition to their ERP sales, implementation, and consulting services, Godlan has formed another business group, Prophecy IoT®. Godlan’s Prophecy IoT® team consists of highly-skilled and experienced business and technology professionals. This group has over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing realm and in-depth knowledge and expertise in MES, SCADA, and Industrial Automation. They understand that each customer is making a significant investment with critical company resources, the involvement of their employees. They take these investments seriously and, consequently, are committed to an Implementation Philosophy that is customer centric, objectives based, metrics driven, and  success focused.

Godlan is a multiple award winner in implementing manufacturing solutions.