You face increasing demands to improve your manufacturing or distribution operations with lower costs, increased quality, and faster production. So how can you deliver with the same operation and equipment? With Prophecy IoT (“Industrial IoT” or “Manufacturing 4.0”). Prophecy provides you with real time data and statistical analysis to improve production and increase profitability.


The Prophecy IoT Solution Ecosystem

Prophecy IoT is comprised of several key programs, functional pillars, and User Interface components. This program is designed around the building blocks of a well-proven high rate Data Acquisition Engine (DAE) and an analytic and charting visualization application which is utilized in many fortune 100 companies.

Prophecy IoT is  100% Compatible

Prophecy IoT will connect via wired or wireless methods to almost any production floor machine or piece of equipment. The Prophecy IoT team calls this the Universal Connector approach or “Easy Button.” Most production machines come with an integrated machine controller. This is usually a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Prophecy IoT software includes numerous PLC drivers for maximum compatibility.


Prophecy IoT is Customized for Your Operation

Working in a collaborative approach with clients, the Prophecy IoT Professional Consulting Services team provides a logical, packaged set of services. Each Services Package consists of its own set of tasks and deliverables. Even though these services can be planned and executed separately, the deliverables from each set of services build upon and complement the others. This Industrial IoT implementation approach gives users the flexibility to select which set(s) of IIoT consulting services best fit their current needs. As a result, they can also better manage their resources, costs, and timelines.

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