Advance your smart factory with Prophecy IoT® technology for next-level manufacturing.

Providing extensively powerful solutions for an ever-changing and challenging time in manufacturing history. Transform the way you report data and interact with your ERP and business software.

Transforming the World in Real-Time.

To meet the needs of Industry 4.0, Prophecy IoT® puts an extensive toolkit in your hands. With the mobility of the acquisition devices, you can travel throughout the shop floor to collect real-time data. The connected devices enable monitoring and analysis of operations and trending. All at your fingertips and displayed on devices in your pocket. This immediate feedback then enables you to enhance operations at that moment.

Because of the visualization aspect of the technology, progress towards production goals are measured in the moment and can be turned into actionable solutions within a day’s work!

Impressive new plug-ins increase the automation and accuracy of data that is collected. Prophecy IoT® is committed to continually improving the efficiency and productivity of your factory.

Data quality is maintained through flexible rule-based models. This data can be displayed in a format suitable for the production floor or executive analysis. Data is made functionally available to you to create dashboards and Andon boards without having to code or program. To further combat compatibility concerns, Prophecy IoT® supports multiple API interfaces. This allows seamless data distribution without the need for SQL access to remote systems.

In the event that manual data collection must occur, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows data to be written back to machine controllers, Enterprise Resource Managing (ERP), and databases.

To further cater to your specific manufacturing needs, data is deployed through HTML5 and Microsoft Excel. This allows for integration and universal access, enhancing all communication channels between machines and humans. Data then becomes highly available to all parties so that efficiency concerns can be addressed as quickly as possible. With this fluid communication channel comes concerns over data breaching and safety. Once again, Prophecy IoT® supports factory productivity through an Integrated Security Model that operates on multi levels to ensure data remains valid and reliable.

At every turn, the IoT Solution Ecosystem is striving to enhance machine health and manufacturing performance on your factory floor efficiently!

At every turn, the IoT Solution Ecosystem is striving to enhance machine health and manufacturing performance on your factory floor efficiently!

Connected at The Core

Solving the Big Losses on the Shop Floor

Availability Losses

Speed Losses

Quality Losses

Availability Losses

01. Equipment Failure

02. Set-up Time

Prophecy IoT® Solutions

Boundary Alarms

ERP Interoperability

Speed Losses

01. Idle & Short Stops

02. Reduced Speed

Prophecy IoT® Solutions

Rate of Change Alarms

Diagrams and Dashboard

Quality Losses

01. Defects in Process

02. Reduced Yield (Scrap)

Prophecy IoT® Solutions


Boundary Alarms

A Smart Factory Solution


Wired/Wireless data acquisition devices

Universal Machine Connections

Alarms, Alerts, & Notifications


Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Andon Boards


Real Time



User Controls – Drag & Drop Charting and Graphing

Web Based

Boosting Machine & Manufacturing Capabilities

The Prophecy IoT® platform provides data that serves as the connection between machine and production. This software brings machines to life. With IoT, production operations are connected with information systems to extend your digital transformation. We acknowledge the connections between the environment, the machines, and the community of interacting individuals, factory, enterprise, and production. In essence, manufacturing capabilities are being deepened across all verticals by realizing the millions of connections in the factory. Our primary goal is to leverage these connections to streamline communication and collaboration.

Prophecy IoT® Plug-in for
ERP Connection/Enhancement Possibilities:

Prophecy IoT® Plug-in for ERP Connection/ Enhancement Possibilities:

Transactions (Labor, Machine, and Material)

Job Dispatch

Material Trans

Service PM & Incidents

APS Schedule Exceptions

Quality (Plan, Rcvr, and Test)

OEE - Live

BOM Cycle Times

Business Analytics Tools

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