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Are your people and machines at their targeted output levels? The answer is probably no. All manufacturers deal with expected and unexpected issues. Expected issues limit output but are anticipated like preventative maintenance, planned scrap, meetings, workers on leave, shift clean up, etc. Unexpected issues wreak havoc on your shop floor with things like machine breakdown, waiting on material, scrap, supervisor questions, long operator breaks, and abnormal extended setup or run times.

Prophecy IoT® is specifically designed to address these challenges and issues that impact manufacturers.

Prophecy IoT® Helps Mitigate These Losses…

Productivity Killers
Prophecy Solutions

Loss #1

Equipment Issues

Solution: Monitoring & Notifications

Prophecy monitors machine performance in real-time, detecting abnormalities and potential failures before they cause unplanned downtime. With more accurate data, Prophecy IoT® enables a more proactive maintenance scheduling, minimizing equipment breakdowns and maximizing uptime.

Loss #2

Process Issues

Solution: ERP Interoperability

By providing real-time data to operators on things like setup, quality, drawing specs, work instructions, and changeover processes, Prophecy IoT® helps to simplify the operators experience, reduce scrap, reduce wait time for materials, engage supervisors when needed without leaving the station. It enables production teams to track and analyze setup times, run times vs. plan, micro stops, scrap & defects, etc. Thus, identifying opportunities for increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Loss #3

Idle & Micro Stops

Solution: Operator Engagement

Idle time and unexpected production stops can kill productivity. Prophecy impacts this by detecting and collecting in real time the root cause information that is causing the stop. Most systems have no ability to detect or collect information around this issue due to the large input requirements on the operators. Also, most systems have no transaction for “Waiting on Material” for example. With a simple button push the operator can indicate the stop reason and send alerts to material handling. Prophecy IoT® gives you ability to get to the root causes of all these small stops and idle situation thus increasing production efficiency.

Loss #4

Manufacturing / Assembly Speed

Solution: Aggregations

Prophecy IoT® not only captures real-time production data and performance metrics, it also compares that information to the expected plan time. Information without an expected outcome has very little value to manufacturing. Speed losses come in many forms, such as unexpected scrap, machine down, worker stops, waiting on material, quality checks, paperwork, etc. Prophecy helps identify speed losses and provides insights for process optimization, ensuring maximum throughput and efficient production cycles.

Loss #5

Reduced Yield (Scrap)

Solution: Process Alarms

Prophecy IoT® provides depth and visibility into the manufacturing process, capturing data on production yield and identifying potential yield losses. Prophecy IoT® enables proactive quality monitoring and defect detection which means yield issues can be detected, measured, and categorized in real time. This is done by several methods including machine, micrometer, camera, and operator input. By analyzing this information in real time against a spec or quality test plan operators or quality teams members know in real time if a machine or process is out of control. Root cause information is critical for making improvements in this area to improve overall production efficiency.

A Simplified ShopFloor

Unlock the full potential of your shop floor by connecting every aspect to measurable access points. From operators loading materials to machines tracking turns per second, Prophecy IoT® captures and harnesses valuable data, giving you real-time visibility into the intricacies of your operations.


Stop missing vital signs.

Witness the pulse of your shop floor in real time, and identify your productivity killers so you can drive continuous improvement throughout your manufacturing processes.


Human Machine Interface

In the factory environment, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) plays a crucial role where your workers interact with machine data that is consolidated into a single display.

Our HMI provides a simplified yet highly-intelligent experience, providing key information for the operator to produce a part to specification. The information presented or actions taken on the interface is intelligent in that it can vary by production order or part.

Example: If the work order requires setup, quality check or measurement, etc. then the operator is prompted for action.

With Prophecy IoT®, the HMI becomes the operators gateway to a simplified smart experience that empowers your workforce with simple limited required interaction.

 Prophecy IoT® simplifies complex tasks and empowers operators to focus on value-added activities while leveraging the power of automation.


Human Interface

Sometimes, there are scenarios where there may not be a sensor or machine involved at all, but still, information is necessary to support operators in assembly or manual processes.

In such cases, our Human Interface solution comes into play. It allows operators to access simple information relevant to their tasks with ease.

By implementing a straightforward button-click approach, our Human Interface automates processes, eliminating the need for time consuming manual data input just to drive accounting transactions.


Andon Boards

Prophecy IoT® incorporates Andon boards as a powerful tool to enhance real-time visibility and communication within manufacturing environments. Andon boards are large displays strategically placed on the shop floor, providing instant visual feedback on the status of production processes and highlighting any abnormalities or issues that require attention.

There are several ways Prophecy IoT® utilizes Andon boards:

Real-Time Status Updates

Andon boards enable real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical information, allowing operators and managers to quickly assess the current state of operations. This instant visibility helps in identifying bottlenecks, production delays, or quality issues promptly.

Immediate Issue Recognition

With Andon boards, any abnormalities or manufacturing problems can be visually highlighted through cues such as flashing lights, color changes, or symbols. This allows teams or operators to hit production and shift targets, reduce scrap, track late jobs, etc. all to maximize production output.

Improved Communication & Collaboration

Andon boards serve as a centralized communication platform. Operators, supervisors, and managers can quickly identify critical bottlenecks and resource problems. For example, a detected machine down condition can display on the maintenance, team, operator, and supervisor displays in real time if a down time situation occurs.

Continuous Improvement & Accountability

Andon boards promote a culture of continuous improvement by fostering transparency and accountability across the entire factory. By making performance data and problem areas visible to the entire workforce, it encourages engagement, accountability, and facilitates ongoing process optimization.

Real-Time Notifications

If Prophecy IoT® detects an operator’s button push, machine fault, or any relevant data from the living network, it immediately generates the necessary notifications. These notifications can be sent via text message or email, directly to the operator’s screen, supervisor’s dashboard, or displayed on TVs and Andon boards, ensuring that everyone is informed.

Prophecy IoT® offers seamless integration with your ERP system’s alert system. This means that important notifications can be automatically forwarded to the alert system within your ERP, ensuring that relevant personnel are promptly informed, or process approvals executed.

Digging Into RCA

(Root Cause Analysis)

Prophecy IoT® allows for drill-down analysis, enabling users to dive deeper into the data and gain detailed insights. For instance, in the case of maintenance requirements, Prophecy IoT® can automatically create maintenance tickets within the ERP system. These maintenance tickets are instantly communicated to the maintenance team, appearing on their mobile devices if you are utilizing the maintenance application.

This streamlines the maintenance process, ensuring timely responses and facilitating effective maintenance management.

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Recognizing the connections between the environment, machines, and individuals, Prophecy IoT® is here to enhance your manufacturing capabilities, optimize communication, and transform your business.

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