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A Smart Factory is a Safe Factory

Hand holding smartphone against image of machineryIn the landscape of manufacturing, IoT is everywhere and unavoidable. What was once thought improbable or impossible is now here. Years ago, we watched things like Back to the Future and The Jetsons and thought that life and technology could never possibly coexist in that way. Well, the future is here now, and businesses have the opportunity to adopt technologies that allow them to be more adaptive, innovative, and resilient. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is how manufacturing businesses step away from the traditional and into smart spaces that foster efficiency, productivity, and fierce competition in the industry.

According to a study completed by PwC, more than 91 percent of industrial companies have or are investing in some way in digital factories, and 90 precent of manufacturers believe that digitizing the production process will bring more long-term benefits than risks.

Being aware of and incorporating IIoT trends that have brought businesses success is a must in today’s competitive industry. While things such as 3D printing can allow customers to have a fully immersive experience, and a digital supply chain will allow both you and the customer to have realistic expectations for arrival, IIoT shines in more than just making the company productive. It also keeps your factory safe.

Let’s talk about how.

For manufacturing companies, machine downtimes and/or damages can be critically damaging, and not just to the machines. If not properly maintained, they can endanger your employees as well.

IoT devices offer sensors that can monitor things like currents, temperature, vibration, and voltage. When businesses utilize these sensors, there will be early warning signs of malfunctions, thereby creating a safer workplace.

In addition, autonomous machinery can take over time-consuming and labor-intensive work. For instance, warehouses can use robotics and other automatons to move products in order to minimize the wear and tear of human bodies. This will remove injuries and make the work faster, allowing for employees to focus their efforts elsewhere.

When blended with data analysis offered through systems like your ERP, IIoT technology can be used to monitor things such as vehicle mishaps, near misses, injuries, and other daily operations. IIoT allows for real-time insights into these significant areas, thus enhancing and expediting the facilitation of safety. In addition, manufacturers will be in compliance with health and safety regulations.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the total cost of work injuries in 2020 was $163.9 billion. In addition to that, they calculated that this added up to 99,000,000 days lost as a result of injuries.

Manufacturing is prone for accidents, but IIoT can help to minimize those accidents and improve safety. In addition to sensors on the machinery that can predict faulty equipment before it can cause a potentially dangerous accident, there are wearables for tracking technicians’ heart rate and blood pressure. Notifications are sent when they reach dangerous levels, and the employee needs to stop working. Fire sensors are sensitive to temperature changes and can warn of fires. Other sensors can detect the exceeded level of heat, air pollution, radiation, or noise, and then alert employees of dangers or concerns.

IIot has countless benefits for your enterprise. It manages your equipment, using the data collected from the sensors to assess and visuals breakdowns or crashes in real-time. Augmented reality can facilitate ideal factory inventory locations and safe routes for workers to navigate. It can also create visual prototypes of the equipment or machinery in order for employees to receive next level training.

Ultimately, IIoT can propel your enterprise beyond the competition, offering safe and effective productivity for your employees. If you are ready to step into the future of manufacturing, the consultants at Godlan are ready to talk to you about how your business can excel with superior innovative technology. Visit for more information, or speak with one of our representatives now by calling 586.464.4400.

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