About Us

Next level manufacturing.

Prophecy IoT® stands at the forefront of innovation. Changing the landscape of manufacturing.

Connected at the core

Prophecy IoT® is designed by Godlan, a leading professional manufacturing service company since 1984. Integrating technological solutions and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) have been integral to Godlan’s services historically and remain with today’s fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). We hold a commitment to providing solutions using the latest technological platforms. Our team of experts support the implementation of world-class processes and practices in a manufacturing organization.

Abundant resources

In addition to the aforementioned ERP sales, implementation, and consulting services that Godlan offers, the Prophecy IoT® team provides business and technology experts to the manufacturing world. This team has over 35 years of experience in Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Industrial Automation. With all of these advantages in mind, we recognize that the Smart Factory software is a significant investment. Company resources are critical and needs are abounding. The manufacturing industry is feeling this even more strongly after the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted factory operations and necessities.

Striving for success

With the economy building, Prophecy IoT® functions at its utmost efficiency and productivity to support your factory floor. Our implementation philosophy is focused on the customer, based on clear objectives, driven by metrics, and fixated on your factory’s success. Our team was built with these targets in mind and is devoted to continually outfitting the manufacturing industry with compatible data to optimize machine health. As technology advances and factory needs shift, Prophecy IoT® is committed to engineering new methods. We ensure all of our partners are using cutting edge technology within the manufacturing business.

Are you working smarter or harder?

Transform your enterprise into a smart, inter-connected ecosystem that leverages machine learning and accurate real-time data to increase profits and reliability.