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8 Benefits of IIoT in Manufacturing

You’ve heard that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can streamline any number of processes and machine functionalities. But what does that really mean? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the myriad of benefits of IIoT and how you can leverage them to grow your manufacturing business.


1. Elevate Operational Efficiency

IIoT allows technicians to monitor equipment and processes in real time. This means less downtime and better resource allocation for your business and employees. Additional, predictive maintenance keeps your machines running without unexpected equipment failures. In other words, IIoT uses data analysis to let you know when a machine will need maintenance before your team finds out the hard way. 


2. Get Data-Driven Insights

IIoT collects and analyzes more data than a person, or even a team of people, could process alone. And it does it fast. The data IIoT collects from equipment sensors and connected devices offers valuable insights into processes, performance trends, and areas for improvement. These insights can and should guide strategic decisions by leadership, further enhancing operational efficiency.


3. Save on Costs

While IIoT can feel like a massive investment, it’s still very much an investment. With IIoT, your business can optimize energy consumption, streamline processes, and minimize waste. Your employees can focus on more meaningful tasks and make informed decisions, rather than wasting time putting out proverbial fires and performing menial tasks.


4. Monitor and Control Production Remotely

Another benefit of IIoT is remote monitoring and control. If your industry has distributed operations and/or dangerous environments, you can minimize workplace hazards by reducing the need for on-site presence. After all, safety is a cost-saver and your employees will appreciate it, too.


5. Improve Quality Assurance

Perform QA better and faster with IIoT. Thanks to the massive amount of data collected by IIoT sensors during the manufacturing process, you can rest assured that the quality of your products is always top-notch. A reduction in defects saves time and money and keeps your customers satisfied.


6. Optimize the Supply Chain

While the supply chain hasn’t exactly moved smoothly over the past few years, IIoT can help. IIoT benefits your business by offering real-time tracking of shipments, inventory levels, and demand patterns. You can expect better inventory management and fewer stockout and overstock situations.


7. Enhance Workplace Safety

Worry less about workplace hazards with IIoT devices. From temperature and gas leak monitors to devices that detect PPE use (or lack thereof) of employees, IIoT can help prevent accidents by creating a safer work environment for your employees.


8. Customize Your Processes

Finally, a huge benefit of IIoT and smart tech, in general, is how flexible it is. Your business has likely undergone changes. With IIoT, this doesn’t need to be a headache. You can quickly reconfigure machine processes to meet your industry’s changing needs instead of having to reinvent the wheel.


The Benefits of IIoT Help Your Business Grow

Creating a safer workplace saves you money. Making decisions backed by real-time data earns you money. And you can have confidence knowing your IIoT investment is flexible enough to scale with your growing business over time.

Want to learn more about the benefits of IIoT? Contact our experts at Prophecy IoT.

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