Let's bridge the communication gap with

End-to-End Integrations.

Prophecy IoT® provides the ability to integrate with MRP, ERP, CRM, or other business reporting software networks. Prophecy is widely compatible and has the ability to patch into any smart factory.

Not a smart environment? Not a problem.

We can capture manual machine metrics and processes by installing inexpensive devices and sensors at key capture points within your workflow. This effectively transforms any manual environment into a smart ecosystem.

Let your systems talk to each other…

Much like printers needing different drivers for different languages, machines have their own unique languages also. Prophecy IoT® excels in closing the communication gap, speaking all machine languages known to industry, connecting machines through one universal language.

This helps you...

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Big Data Analytics


Production Scheduling


Production Optimization

Prophecy IoT® is compatible and able to pull data from numerous production control ecosystems including:

And many more...

Supervisory Control


And many more...

Direct Control


Plant Floor


And many more...

Not seeing your systems listed?

There are just too many integrations to list! Chances are, Prophecy can integrate with your environment. Contact us for a quick compatibility check.

A Complete Digital Transformation

Modernize. Integrate. Amplify

With Prophecy IoT®, we’re not just connecting production operations with information systems; we’re taking your digital transformation to the next level.

Picture this: the environment, machines, and your team – all connected in a seamless fashion within Prophecy IoT®. We’re not just talking about a few connection points; we’re talking thousands of them, weaving through your factory.

The goal? To use these connections to make communication and collaboration in your operation as smooth as possible (regardless of what systems you use).

Integrate Your Environment With Prophecy IoT®

Recognizing the connections between the environment, machines, and individuals, Prophecy IoT® is here to enhance your manufacturing capabilities, optimize communication, and transform your business.

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