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The Rise of Data Based Automation (And Why It’s Not As Scary As It Sounds) Part 4

Part 4 of 4

Tablet in front of machine with data on screensWhat is the final part in the series you ask?

Taking action.

Change can be overwhelming, especially when you think about the time and money that are involved, but when you know what steps to take and what to expect, change becomes much easier.

Where to begin

While the countless benefits of moving to a digital, data-driven factory are clear, manufacturers are still overwhelmed, and understandably so, by the implications of change. Some manufacturers are overworked, understaffed, and cash-strapped.

You don’t have to jump in with both feet, though. Consider what it is that you already have; if you have already significantly invested in MES or ERP platforms, what may serve you better is to change in increments and enhance the software you already have. Data-centric IIoT- based solutions can close the gap and allow for many advantages and improvements.

IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, is a phrase that is becoming synonymous with the idea of smart factories. It provides the foundation for communication between the sensors, devices, machines, controllers, databases, and information systems. More importantly, it is what revitalizes existing technology and extends its capabilities into the future of manufacturing.

The IIoT collects data from sensors, devices, machines, etc. and provides some of the context for that data. MES or ERP take what IIoT is able to assess and adds to the picture by providing details on customers, orders, products, bills of materials, and other elements that are vital for your customer’s satisfaction. Together, the IIoT and ERP or MES provide a comprehensive depiction of the collected information, which can then be used for data and root cause analyses. For instance, information on processes, equipment, materials, waste, inspections, quality results, labor, deviations, maintenance, cleaning, incidents, as well as other aspects of industry can be evaluated thanks to new IIoT and existing ERP/MES working together.

Why Now?

According to Globe News Wire, smart factory market size is anticipated to grow from $80.1 billion in 2021 to $134.9 billion by 2026. That is only a five-year spread in which the size almost doubles. Industries who do not follow along in this adaption of IIoT risk falling behind.

Manufacturers cannot afford to move slowly; however, a step-by-step implementation of IIoT will provide improved outcomes and a positive ROI. Manufacturers will no longer be limited by broad systems; IIoT will allow for adaptability and rapid upgrading.

The inclusion of IIoT devices will allow for you to deliver the highest quality product with the most efficiency, which is the way to success in today’s uber-competitive market. Instead of a small percentage, access 100% of the collected data and allow it to help your business respond, adapt, and evolve. Allow the data to empower you to make accurate and fast decisions; data doesn’t lie.

And when you’re ready, take that data beyond the factory floor so that your entire enterprise is connected and cohesive thanks to the data thread. This is not a one-time solution; this is a step towards the evolution of industrial technology, and it will lead to a notable increase in manufacturing capacity and all-around efficiency to allow your business to be competitive and innovative, now and in the future.

Let the future be now. Let Godlan help you make the decisions that will be tailored to your business and help propel you into an innovative future. Visit and for further information or call 586.464.4400 to speak with us about beginning the process today.

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