Working in a collaborative approach with clients, the Prophecy IoT® Professional Consulting Services team provides a logical, packaged set of services. Each Services Package consists of its own set of tasks and deliverables. Even though these services can be planned and executed separately, the deliverables from each set of services build upon and complement the others. This Industrial IoT implementation approach gives users the flexibility to select which set(s) of IIoT consulting services best fit their current needs. As a result, they can also better manage their resources, costs, and timelines. All of Prophecy’s IIoT Service engagements include a basic IIoT education so that a User’s team better understands the technology, general features and functions, and the potential benefits for your business and production operations. A summary of Prophecy IoT® Consulting Service offerings are as follows:

IIoT Technical Readiness Assessment
These consulting services include an in-depth technical assessment of the User’s current state production processes, machines, and equipment. This service covers building an inventory of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices and sensors, creating a roadmap and plan for instrumenting machines and equipment, and a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) for physical devices and industrial networks.

IIoT Data Analytics and Reporting Assessment
These consulting services cover a detailed functional assessment of the User’s current state data acquisition, analytics, and reporting procedures and a plan to align data analytics to business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With future state requirements and KPIs, the Prophecy IoT team provides detailed recommendations for implementing an improved, IIoT-based reporting infrastructure using the Prophecy IoT® Data Analytics engine that provides a business with actionable information.

Custom HMI Evaluation and Creation Services
These consulting services consist of an in depth technical and functional review of the User’s current state systems relative to use of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and other machine and equipment control panels. Working with the User, the Team will assist in determining and defining Functional Specifications; these are the requirements for new or enhanced HMIs related to improved operational execution and production processes. The results can include increased operator efficiency and lower error rates.

Custom IIoT Custom Hardware / Sensors Evaluation and Definition
These consulting services focus on identifying key production machinery and equipment that require hardware retrofits or upgrades for IIoT readiness, and creating and providing detailed BOMs, suggested vendors, and installation costs for the new hardware. A detailed hardware installation and configuration Statement of Work is provided.

Definition and Creation of ERP and Third-Party Program Integration
These consulting services include a review of required data exchange and integration with Prophecy IoT®. The Prophecy IoT® Team will help determine the tag data sources provided by these legacy programs and define the data mapping requirements, both import and export.

Definition and Creation of Custom PLC / Controller Drivers
While the Prophecy IoT® Team can typically can support most PLC drivers as standard, there are some cases in which machines will have proprietary interfaces or API connection methods. The Team will develop custom interfaces to support these unique controllers. Working alongside the machine vendor and a detailed review of the required protocols needed to build integrations is included with this service.

Assessment Services Specific to Quality Control Data Acquisition & Analytics
These consulting services include a detailed functional assessment of the User’s current state Quality Control (QC) related data acquisition, analytics, and reporting procedures. With the User’s well-defined future state QC process requirements and KPIs, the Team will provide detailed recommendations for implementing an improved, IIoT-based QC data acquisition, analytics, and reporting infrastructure.