Marketing Kit

Prophecy IoT Overview

This PowerPoint contains all you need for sales training.

Prophecy Brochure

This brochure gives a simple overview of Prophecy IoT®.

Prophecy Resource Center

Looking for additional PDFs, video demos, customer success stories? Everything you need is here.

Prophecy Customer Success Profile

Customer testimonials speak louder than any sales pitch.

Prophecy Use Cases

High-level use cases, focusing on business process improvements and fundamental plant and shopfloor pain points.

Infor Marketplace

Customer reviews and comparison with other products at your fingertips.

Prophecy IoT® Demo

Watch a full 37min demo of Prophecy and all it's capabilities.

Getting Started Documents

Prophecy Project Questionnaire

A collaborative tool to aid in estimating your Prophecy project.

Prophecy Hardware Requirements

A review of system infrastructure requirements.

Prophecy Site Survey

Clients to complete for any machines connections.

Prophecy Customer Checklist

How to get ready for Prophecy project.

Get Connected

Transform your enterprise into a smart, inter-connected ecosystem that leverages machine learning and accurate real-time data to increase profits and reliability.